About Us

Our quartet formed out of the Barbershop Harmony Society here in Victoria, BC, in March of 2010.  Bob, our tenor, and Paul, our lead singer, teamed up with Jerry, our baritone from a previous quartet.  They asked David, the bass, to sing with them for an upcoming show at the Alex Goolden Auditorium. That was the start of the classic Trounce Alley sound.  We enjoy singing together and have become great friends.  In the summer of 2013, Jerry stepped down from the baritone position and we were very sorry to see him leave.  Allan joined us shortly after that and is doing sterling service in filling Jerry’s place in the baritone slot.  For more juicy stuff about the guys, please see our “Bio Page”.

Since our beginning, we have developed quite a diverse repertoire and we entertain audiences of all types.  We sing everything from old Barbershop classics to modern movie theme songs.  At Christmas time we entertain in different venues around town with Christmas carols and classic Christmas songs such as “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “Silent Night”.

The City of Victoria named a street after our quartet.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Larry Gasena says:

    I love the last line of your promo. These guys are wonderful singers and gentlemen to boot! I’ve known [most of] them for many years and can attest to their vocal skills and easy ways with an audience. They are well respected by all barbershop (and other a capella) singers in the Victoria area. I’ve heard many quartets over many years and do not hesitate to say that Trounce Alley is very likely the best. I’m a fan!! – Larry G..

  2. Greg says:

    Recently retired
    Bass voice

    Interested in barbershop since a kid
    Never did

    Wouldn’t mind learning and playing around a bit

    You can laugh at me if so inclined

    I can take a joke

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