Another birthday celebration, this time at the Bard & Banker pub in downtown Victoria in the evening on April 9, 2022. Sandy, Sheri, and Paula celebrated birthdays and we were hired to sing to them in the party room. Here we are with two of the ladies on the outside deck. We have a number of different coloured shirts but did you notice that we dressed to support Ukraine? Very subtle.

We had the pleasure of singing for Isabel McNair on the occasion of her 100th birthday on April 2, 2022. This took place in the fourth floor party room of The Mackie in Langford, with about 20 family members there to help celebrate. Thank you to Terry and Sharon Wolfe, her daughter, who hired us.

Singing at Hermann’s Jazz Club was a thrill for our quartet. Good thing we have some arrangements of a few jazz standards in our repertoire.

We had the opportunity to sing at Tillicum Mall during one December.  Here you see our quartet on the ground level of the mall where we thrilled local shoppers with Christmas music in the Trounce Alley style.  It is so unusual to have four guys just start singing in a public place that we always drew a crowd.

Here we are at the Westshore Mall, which we discovered has some areas with outstanding acoustics as we roamed around the mall one December, just before Christmas.  Many of the shoppers appreciated our ringing sound and were cheered by it.

Don’t you love an evening party?  We were invited to sing at the beautiful and eclectic home of Mr. Gary Karr and Mr. Harmon Lewis, in July of 2011.  We were excited to be there and we were received enthusiastically by the audience.  It was from this gathering that we were inspired to record our first CD, even though it took us quite a few years to get started.

And here we are having fun singing our version of the cowboy song The Streets Of Laredo.

First Batch of Cookies Aug 26 09

David has also been known to bake a fresh batch of cookies.


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