Trounce Alley singing at Tillicum Mall Dec.14, 2011

We had the opportunity to sing at Tillicum Mall during December.  Here you see our quartet on the ground level of the mall where we thrilled local shoppers with Christmas music in the Trounce Alley style.

Trounce Alley singing on Dec.16,2011

We discovered that Westshore Mall has some areas with outstanding acoustics.  Many of the shoppers appreciated our ringing sound in the mall.

Trounce Alley at Mr. Gary Karr’s home July 2011

We were invited to sing at an evening party at the beautiful and eclectic home of Mr Gary Karr in July of 2011.  We were excited to be there and we were received enthusiastically by the audience.

And here we are having fun singing our version of the cowboy song The Streets Of Laredo.

First Batch of Cookies Aug 26 09

David has also been known to bake a fresh batch of cookies.


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